Tuesday, February 14, 2006


A Little Something for the Winter Months...

I have been trying my hand at soups this winter season. I made my first homemade hicken noodle soup, and took it to a friend with a cold. It came out pretty good. I did cut corners and use boneless chicken breasts instead of cooking a whole chicken though. Who has that kind of time?

Below is a picture of my potato and corn chowder. I love experimenting with textures in food, so this soup was a bit of a challenge for me - I made it from scratch. It came a little thicker than chowder normally does, but luckily it didn't affect the flavor! It was good, and warmed my insides. I thought it was the perfect thing to prepare when I looked outside and saw 26 inches of snow on the ground!

ok, can i have a taste? i acn't until things pop off...you know what i mean!


Yeah! A new blog! Girl, you are into everything! Yo go!

For the record, I have tried her food and they are delicious!! Myfavorite is that red velvet cake!
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