Friday, May 12, 2006


Pound for Pound

There has been a pound cake recipe in my family for quite awhile. It s the best pound cake I have ever tasted. My mom swears it was her recipe first and she used to make it when I was little...but I only remember my aunt making it in my later years. I took on the recipe recently, and tweaked a bit to make it my own. It turned out pretty good.

The secret to a good pound cake is cream cheese. And I added a little Amaretto to the already delectable glaze that goes on top. I made three of them, and sent two of them off to a few potential clients. ;o) Here is a pic of the end result...

I got great feedback from the ones I sent off, and the one I kept wasn't half bad either! My next adventure will be creating my own recipe for white chocolate brownies. I am a white chocolate fanatic, and a brownie fanatic, so we'll see how it goes when you mesh the two. Stayt tuned...

ooooohh. That pound cake looks good.
ok, an update....
i know you have cooked more since then.


co-sign on that Kellz!!
I you share your pound cake with me, I'll share my favorite one with you. :)
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