Saturday, October 07, 2006


Back Again...

Sorry it's been so long! I've been cooking away, nonetheless. Unfortunately, I haven't been taking pictures of some of the things I've been making, but that will change!

Last night, I realized that I had some apples in my fridge that were nearing The End. I perused my cookbook collection to find the perfect apple-something to make. I ended up making turkey burgers and drinking wine with my roomie, so that cooking adventure was postponed until this morning. I made Apple Cinnamon pancakes, which turned out pretty good.

Sorry, I didn't think to take a pic until after I'd eaten the pretty ones. But they were yummy. I still have two left, and I have muffins on the brain. My new challenge is to perfect the Muffin. I'll keep you posted on that.

I've sold a few of my cakes and other goodies, so my side hustle is beginning to get some focus time in my life. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and my menu for this year will be posted as well.

you see why i have to check in at "foodiecall"...


hopefully, i'll get these in november...

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